As part of our integrated approach to food safety and quality, we do know the necessity to continue this discipline at our premises until final product and its delivery. Therefore the compliance of the goods to relevant standards and specifications is frequently and randomly checked and monitored throughout the production operations by our Food Safety Team. Our aim is to save and sustain our well known customer focused production and quality primacy.
( We are procuring world class technology for the processing of Raisins)
The equipment of latest technology, in-line and end-line metal detections, Double laser scanner and xray sorter have been used in processing of the first quality sultana & raisin raw material to improve its production and quality
The raisin bought from farmers is stored in special depots.
As the first step of processing, the fruit is treated with fresh water
In the first stage of washing process the raisin is transferred to first screen by a spiral machinery in which it takes its pre-washing stage, too. Treating the grape with water in order to clean them off stone, chip and other foreign material. Washing process is performed in double stage in our plants.
Laser & X-Ray Scanning
This is a process further aided by the use of modern Laser & X-Ray scanners
to ensure a product which is truly ready-to-use
Hand Picking
Which is done by workers to be sorted respecting damaged, mouldy, mechanically damaged, calamity, sugarized, seedy and infection berries and also stones and sands
All of the packed fruit is fully metal detected and traceability is assured using bar-coding. The final product is stored in floragroup own warehouses under tightly controlled conditions.
The exact specification of the final product can be tailored to the demands of the buyer by skilled workers operating in a brightly lit, hygienic environment. Export cartons are telescopic with blue polyethylene liners available in various net weights.
Mechanized Packing Line will pack the final product after X-ray inspection machines and metal detector.
Weighing, Packing and Shipping
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